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Ninja Trip: 10.20.09

Some ninjaing on last Friday... Target, Kroger, CVS, Rite Aid...
Some highlights: Free sunchips, free razors, other assorted travel sizes. $.99 dog food to donate.

Got paid to purchase all this stuff. Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens. Spent $4.10 at Walgreens, $9 RR back to spend. Free deodorant for my husband too! $1.86 at CVS, candy to donate to church for Trunk n Treat. Some smell good things for the house and assorted cold/flu season meds... I am beginning to have too much of this stuff, I am thinking of donating some to our food bank. I would think it's something tehy could use as well.

Homemade Frozen Stufu

So after watching Moneysavingmom.com have a massive baking day yesterday, I got inspired to do a bit of my own cooking. Not baking and such, she has 3 kids... Mathis and I only eat DINNER at home a couple of nights a week, the rest is late night snacks/conveince type of stuff. I.e. Pizzas, burritos, etc.

And I am personally SICK of spending money on pizzas and frozen taquitos and such. So I decided to make my own and freeze them.
I quite often have made bagel pizzas for dinner and for big groups of people. You can get 10-12 out of a bag of bagels and using tomato sauce and a bag of cheese and some toppings and you have a cheap dinner. Or snack.
Take the burritos I made for example:

1 pkg of chicken appox $3
10 ct tortillas $1.15
salsa $1.25
shredded cheese appox. $1.50
refried beans appox $.65

All these things are about $8 and I got 10 burritos out of it. I'd say a pretty good bargain.
And I ate one myself, they are quite filling. I did have to add sour cream and a little more cheese though.

Ninja Trip: 10.2.09

Quick run to Walgreens and Target.
Highlights: Free Tide and Hormel Chicken and Dumplings, both from Target. I rarely ever use Tide. I figure these will come in handy should I want to build giftbaskets or something for friends moving out. And my Hubbins will have a snack, as he LOVES chicken n dumplins.
At Walgreens, I snagged some more Halls and Robitussin. He's been sick a bit lately. I also got some Wheat Thins... spent $2.70 and got back $4.50 in RRs. :) A good day was had.

Walgreens 9.29.09

Ran to Walgreens. Didn't quite get as good of a deal as I had hoped... Had to get some filler items and they were missing a couple of things I wanted to get. Spent $15 and got back $19 in RRs. :)  And some new trash bags to try... and candy to freeze.


Ninja Trip: 9.28.09

Last week's trips to Target and CVS and Walgreens. I forgot to post them til now. :) Some highlights: $.50 Oatmeal, I used one of them to make my Apple Oatmeal bake, a whole container will make about 2 full casserole dishes, we had friends over and I made breakfast for dinner... people were amazing by the bake. :) Leesee, all the cereal totaled about $5, I got the Kashi for $3 or so after taxes and the Honey Bunches of Oats was less then a dollar after coupons. 

I took a run to Rite Aid and CVS yesterday. I got some much needed make up. I love my Covergirl, I can't afford department store brand stuff. Adter coupons there I got the lotion and makeup for $3.83 and got $12 in ECBs leftover.
I almost didn't go into Rite Aid, due to a former friend's mother working there, we had a pretty bad falling out and his mother is the snipy kind but it was okay, she either didn't recognize me or just didn't really want to be rude. Either way, after some coupons and the Rite Aid single check, I will get back almost $3 from Rite Aid. I have much needed insoles and another razor that will likely be a Christmas present for someone.

And when I got off work last night I ran around my Kroger and snagged some stuff that will be FREE after MIRs and coupons. I got the Star Red Wine Vinegar and Friskies Cat Treats for FREE with coupons. Star sent me $20 in coupons for taking a survey online... and its good on all sorts of products, I need to find someplace that sells Star Olive Oil, otherwise I might get a bunch of the vinegar and put it in this years Christmas gift baskets. Also the Pure + Clear and the two Mixer dinners will be free after MIRs! So you are looking at $12 or so worth of FREE stuff right there. :)

Today I plan to head to Walgreens cause they have some AWESOME register rewards deals going on! And a $5/25 coupon. Makes it even better!

Where the Coupon Ninja is on 9.15.09...

lot of the habits I had established and done well this earlier this year have been coming and going as far as how well I do with them. I will do well for a while and fall off the wagon and then get back on and try again. I guess the important thing is that I am trying.
I haven't really been able to save much for my IRA. That makes me sad.
Mathis also lost his other grandfather, that has further put a monkey wrench in my life.
I still have not been able to find a FT or even PT teaching job. They are just not there right now.
Oh well, I cannot complain. We have food, a home and each other.
I think Reba McEntire's song: "I'm a Survivor" is the song of the year.

Now for where I am as far finances.
Chase Flex [Mathis]: $156.99
Chase Freedom: $233.51
BB&T: $2,258.02 

Car Funds: $334.89
Con Funds: $267.76
EF 1: $3,125.00
House Funds: $5,623.95
IRA: $1,527.92 
EF 2: $863.06

I am currently working on BB&T card and paying it down. It's my goal to have it at 2K by the end of October and hopefully at $1500 at the end of the year. We will see how far I get. I am not going to even going into school loans, they are going to be there and not go anywhere for a while. I need to now go compile my current MIR's list of rec'd and waiting on, hopefully I can get that done soon!

I have as of late, found inclination to create art for my children's book finally as well as getting off my kiester and making plans for a yard sale, getting rid of things and moving them along.
I also am making garbage soup for a second time. It was rather enjoyed last time I made it, hopefully it will go over well this time!! 

Ninja Trip: 9.15.09

Walgreens and Walmart today...

Walgreens: Earned $4.01 in RR after everything! Got 3 One A Day Vitamins, Listerine, Pantyliners and Oreo Brownies. :) I don't really always need them, but they are very tasty!

Walmart: Spent $3.29 or so, got 6 package of Kotex liners, Toaster Strudels and my husband's favorite pie: KEY LIME!! Nice thing about this transaction, the pantyliners were $1 each and I had $1 coupons! :) Always nice.

I need to do my financial check up...
I have done one for several months. I think I am almost afraid to.

Late Night Trip

Got off work, spent a whole $7 that I had gotten off some lotto tickets, at Kroger and Walgreens. :)
Some highlights:
-Free Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal [vocalpoint coupon!]
-2 free cans of Chef Michael's Dog food [1 free coupon, one BOGO free coupon]
-Free Palmolive Pure [after a mail in rebate :)]

Spent $6.19 all together and I have $5 at Walgreens to spend! :)

Sunday morning hunting....

So having a morning off work today allowed me to get out and do some gathering of deals. :)

I managed to get to Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens and Kroger!

Betwixt all the stores, I spent around $20.

Pretty good for all that stuff. Alot of which we will be using, some of which we will be passed along. I will also be getting around $6 or so of it back in MIRs and such. And I believe I got more then my $20 back in ECBs and RRs, so I more then broke even.
Some highlights:
-Chef Michael's Dog Food: $.99 for a big bag and 1 free small bag. This will be passed along of course.
-Campfire Marshmallows: .90 for 2 bags due to a cashier error. He let it be. :)
-Accu-check Meter: free after coupon.
-Tylenol 8 Hour: we ALWAYS need more pain reliever around here and if it's free or low cost, even better!

I believe that's about all, I did manage to snag a paper so I will be able to get some more Chef Michael's dog food! Our local animal shelter was hard hit as well by that horrible flash flood I talked about earlier. So I want to get as much stuff together ASAP to take over there to feed the little critters. :)

Happy hunting all!

Playing deal catch-up!!

So here we have some of the deals I have snagged as of late... well, during the summer. Of things I have bothered to chronicle. I go out at least once a week in order to snag deals. Much of it is free or very low cost. And again, what I do not use, it gets passed along various roads to various people.
It is sort of funny, I had a friend come over the other night, a very dear one, and he asked if I had any spare boxes of Cheez-It's lying around. :) I gave him several boxes, 5 or 6 I think, earlier in the summer when Kroger was doing a promo for Coke Products. You got 4 12 packs for $12 with $2 off and 2 free boxes of Cheez-Its.
That was an AWESOME deal!!! It was like, almost $20 of stuff regularly priced for $10!!
But Hubbins and I can only eat so many Cheez-It's, so we gave them a majority of them. Kroger has also done the same with boxes of Ritz crackers... and as I can only eat so many of those, many have gone to the food closet at church. However, I do have some handy in case we need them! :)
If it wasn't for my Coke Zero addiction I would have no crackers!

I have also found that Kroger can do some VERY awesome deals... not all the time, but when one can get extra things for a good price, I'd say it's not bad. And it wasn't like I would drink the Coke Zero. I stock pile it whenever I can at a low price. And it usually lasts for a while.

All photos are cut to save your journal space....
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